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Our printed backdrops range in size - from 4ft x 4ft right up to 8ft x 12ft and are available in four different material types :

Standard Vinyl 

This material is very durable and sturdy and is the cheapest option available.

Ideally suited to natural light photographers, or photographers with confidence in studio lighting, as we cannot guarantee this surface is glare free if not lit correctly.  This specially applies to any darker colour designs - we would recommend the Premium Vinyl as an alternative out of the two vinyl options for solid or dark colour designs.  We do not recommend having any dark, solid designs printed on this material.  It is the cheapest option and is therefore not the best quality.

Chance of glare : Strong under studio lighting and direct window light - especially for darker designs

Poly Paper

Best described as plastic paper, the Poly Paper option is very lightweight and is the better option if you want to tape your drop to a wall for a smooth, flat finish.

Chance of glare : Almost a matt finish, so minimal

Coated Polyester 

By far and away our biggest seller, the coated polyester is completely glare free and hangs like a fabric.

Chance of glare : Almost none, especially with lighter designs


Very similar to Coated Polyester except it can be shipped and stored folded.  Majority of creases drop out after being hung at room temperature, and smaller creased can esily be ironed.

Chance of glare : Almost none, especially with lighter designs


MATERIALS - looking at the different backdrops



IRONING CREASES - watch as the different backdrops get ironed


CAKE SMASH - watch as the different backdrops cope with butter icing


CLEANING - cleaning the different materials


We strongly recommend clients order a set of samples to see and feel the different material types for themselves.  Order your set here